Engagement Rings and Bands

Viken's Jewelry Manufacturing Engagement Rings:

Choosing an engagement ring is a big part of a couple's love story.  At Viken's Jewelry Manufacturing we have a variety of engagement rings with various settings, diamond shapes, diamond sizes and metals.  

If there is a specific engagement ring that the customer has in mind Viken's Jewelry can help design it and bring it to reality.  If there is a piece of ours that the customer likes, we can also customize certain parts of the ring.

Viken's Jewelry Manufacturing Bands:

After choosing the engagement ring from Viken's Jewelry Manufacturing comes choosing the wedding band.  The engagement ring and wedding band are usually worn together.  Since they are worn together the wedding band should fit perfectly with the engagement ring.

At Viken's Jewelry Manufacturing we have sets of engagement rings and wedding bands that are the perfect fit.  Just because we have sets does not mean you can not custom design your own.  At Viken's Jewelry we can work with you to design a wedding band that would become a set with your engagement ring.  Some women do not want the engagement ring to match with the band, we can also work with that and custom design a completely different band to match your personality and style.

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